DRIVERS: Get your own simple website (free).

How it works?

Prior to ending your trip, all you do is send your Rider a message with a link to your website.  Let the website do the rest.  [MORE – How to Use]

One common problem is getting tips from customers who don’t have cash.

Our riders are typically in a hurry and don’t want to spend time finding a tip.  They may have left a tip if they could have in the App.  This website allows Rider a quick/simple/secure way to send you money after they have already left your vehicle.

This website is YOUR solution.

It also helps when you already have a “Forward Dispatch” ride and someone else is waiting for you to pick them up while fumbling around with getting a tip.

  • Allow your riders to tip you after they have left your carNo Pressure [MORE – FAQ]
  • Receive requests from riders for Scheduled Rides – Repeat Business [MORE – RSVP – How it Works]
  • Learn tips/tricks to become a better driver – Always Improve [MORE – Blog]
  • Give riders your Partner referral code  – Earn Referral Money
  • Remind riders how they can get free rides“Win Win” [MORE – Free Rides]
  • Give riders hints/tips how to maintain a 5-star ratingLess Waiting [MORE – Passenger Tips]
  • Explain “Tip isn’t Included” & normal ratings – Better Ratings and Tips  [MORE – Is Tipping Included?]
  • Regular website owner meetings – Be heard – Help make things better
  • Future features always coming [i.e. Apple Pay]

By signing up, you will get your own website already populated with useful information for your riders.  In keeping riders educated you help clarify expectations with your riders.

See a sample of a Driver Website: TRY IT OUT

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