YYC Arrivals

I am maintaining a list of busy periods at YYC for drivers. This chart shows, by hour of arrival, the total number of seats on arriving flights. I will update this regularly, and in the next week it will be a complete chart of all days of the week. I hope this helps in determining … Read more

New Car Signs

These new car signs will help clarify the Rating system and also establish and provide an opportunity to promote tipping without being pushy. I started using it earlier this week and haven’t had anything less than a 5-star rating, so it appears to be working. The sign also shows that Apple Pay is now available … Read more

Apple Pay support coming soon

I am in the process of testing Apple Pay on my website (tftr.ca/geoff) It’s using a 3rd party system, so I am limited on what functionality I can provide. If I can bring this into my website directly, I will do this soon. 1) Tips are currently in USD and not CAD. I am not … Read more

RSVP Best Practices

The RSVP system is simply just a form which will send you an e-mail and text message. It is your responsibility to accept/decline directly with your passenger (via a text or phone call). The reservation is outside of the Uber applications. Each driver’s website sends the RSVP only to themself. If you aren’t able to … Read more

FAQ – Drivers

Q: Can I have all donations go to my own PayPal account from my website? A: There is significant set-up required to set-up PayPal with API calls and reviewing proper settings in a PayPal Business account.I had to spend significant time so far to get this working. I will always be looking for easier/better solutions … Read more