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Q: Can I have all donations go to my own PayPal account from my website?
A: There is significant set-up required to set-up PayPal with API calls and reviewing proper settings in a PayPal Business account.I had to spend significant time so far to get this working. I will always be looking for easier/better solutions to enable more payment methods [i.e. Interac/Apple Pay/Google Wallet]. When negotiating rates and features with these providers we are better off using one main account to achieve economies of scale. I will look at this possibility in the future, but for the short term this is not an option

Q: If the money goes to your account how do I know you aren’t keeping it?
A: The website will be set-up to automatically send you a payment confirmation instantly after someone sent you a tip. At any time you are always welcome to test your payment buttons to ensure you are getting these payment confirmations.

Q: What’s in it for me? What do I have to lose?
A: By using the website it will help your ratings and give you ANOTHER opportunity for your riders to tip you. Cash at the time of the ride is always best but some people think about the tip after the trip is already over. You have nothing to lose and potentially more tips to gain.

Q: When do I get paid?
A: Once you have gained enough tips to request a withdrawal you just let me know and I’ll send your an Interac E-Transfer. I track the tips daily and you can see your accumulated tips on the special link I send you.

Q: Why is this better than other options?
A: There aren’t many other options. Vugo is a PayPal only based method that has too many steps. A tip jar may work for you but for many it is perceived as being pushy. The wording of the website is carefully done so riders are aware that tipping isn’t the only benefit of using the website. Until Uber allows tips in the app (if ever), this is the next best option.

Q: How does this work?
A: Before ending your trip you send your custom link to your rider. If the rider uses their credit card to tip you, you get an immediate email so you are aware.The tip goes into a general business account but is flagged with your name for tracking. The links to the email about the tip refers to the corporate account for info only. You won’t be able to login to the account. Just request your tip when you’ve accumulated enough money.

Q: Why did you set up this website?
A: The main reason was to help out a few close friends have more options for tips and to get a consistent message out to Riders. I’ve driven RideShare off and on for 15 months now, and have learned a few things about riders. Many of them don’t know that the Tip isn’t included, and this is OUR fault. This is my contribution to the industry to help educate our riders about tips.

Q: Are we allowed?
A: Nothing in the Uber terms prevents the use of this. As independent contractors you have flexibility how to run your business. No drivers have been deactivated for using the website. Drivers who use it have received repeat business on the Scheduled Rides section. Uber no longer is allowed to tell us not to accept or solicit tips. As long as it doesn’t negatively impact your riders it is allowed.

Q: What will be the impact on my ratings?
A: it will increase your ratings by using the website. You show your riders you care and act in a professional manner. No negative feedback has been reported by any drivers related to the website. The website shows riders you care about their experience.

Q: Does it work! How many others are using it?
A: So far we have about 10 drivers using the site.They regularly get riders opening the site.We are also making improvements all the time to make it easier and more enticing for riders. The basics are already there and it can only get better from here. New ideas are always welcome. The more drivers that use the website the more our riders will be thinking about a tip when drivers deserve it as now they have another easy option to do so.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: I am not charging any money for this website currently. If it becomes widely used I will consider charging a fee, but I don’t want to do that until the website has proven it works well. So there is no cost to you at this point!!

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