Free Rides

How do I get free rides??

It’s so easy.  Everyone has their own “promo code” to give away free rides (up to $20 – first time riders only).  There is NO LIMIT how many people can use this code. Each person who uses the code for a ride gives you a $15 free ride..

The best way to do this is to use the “Free Rides” button in the App.  Both you and your friend win!  Share your promo code when you are with someone and can tell them it isn’t Spam.

BIG HINT: If you know someone who is “Technically Challenged”, but would use Uber if it was ready to go for them, then offer to help them set it up!

It was easy for you to setup and won’t take much time.  You can have peace of mind WHEN they need it, it’s just the push of a button away.  You can enter YOUR promo code right away in the app and when they finally do go on their first ride, you will get the free ride. (Payment – Add Promo/Gift Code)

If you would like to help support me, you can use this link for my code:

Spread the word..