Hints for Passengers

Wonder how you can do your part to make the RideShare experience the best it can be?  Concerned about the Rating your driver gave you?  Keep these items in mind.

  1. Drivers are using their own personal vehicle to transport you to your destination.  Please treat it with care/resepect just as you would your own property.
  2. When requesting an Uber, be READY TO GO. If you aren’t ready and the car will be there before you will, please cancel the request and try again when you are ready.  Drivers could be driving someone else who is also waiting right now, instead of sitting idle waiting for you.  Everyone’s time should be treated equally valuable.
  3. Please don’t slam the doors when getting into/out of the car.
  4. When possible, please don’t eat/drink in the vehicle.  Other passengers will be in it right after you.  I’m sure you don’t want to have lingering smells/crumbs from other passengers when you start a trip.
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