How to Use? – Best Practices

Drivers will need to send the link to their personalized website to the Rider before closing the trip [after which it is too late].

What I do is while en-route to customer I’ll send them a SMS Text letting them know I’m coming. This way the relay phone # is fresh in my history and the last used.

Then before closing the trip, I’ll send them a final Text, like this:

Thank you for being a great passenger..  I’ve rated you 5 stars, and I hope I’ve earned the same.  Tips/Free Rides/Follow Up/RSVP:

Instead of copying/pasting the text every time, I create macros which replace a key phrase with the text.

For example – Tell it to replace “..1” or some other unique tag that you wouldn’t normally type with your key phrase.

For iOS devices, you can find this in Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Text Replacement

For Android I downloaded and set-up a free program: Texpand – Text Expander


Sample SMS Macros

Use these to communicate easily and consistently with your riders
..0Thank you for being a great passenger! Learn how to keep a high rating... Check out my secure website - Tips/Free Rides/Follow Up/RSVP --->
..1I'm on my way. See you soon. Please be at the curb when I arrive. Thanks. Geoff.
..2I'm two minutes away. See you soon.
..3I don't have an exact address. What business are you close to?
..4Thanks for the info. I will be there shortly.
..5What is the name of the building/business you are in front of?
..6I'm outside. Do I have the right place? Can you see me?
..7I'm on my way with your UberEats order. See you soon. Please make sure your porch light is on so I can find you easier. Thanks. Geoff
..8Geoff from Uber here. You are a bit of a drive to pick up. Are you okay waiting for me?
..9I am heading upstairs to DEPARTURES to pick you up. Do you have your luggage and good to go??
..91See you at door 1. it is the furthest door to the left looking towards the outside. See you soon.
..912See you at door 12. it is right beside the Marriot hotel. See you soon
..11Thank you for being a great passenger... I've rated you 5 stars, and I hope I've earned the same. Tips/Free Rides/Follow Up/RSVP:

Screen Shot (iOS):

Screen Shot (Android):

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