RSVP Best Practices

The RSVP system is simply just a form which will send you an e-mail and text message. It is your responsibility to accept/decline directly with your passenger (via a text or phone call). The reservation is outside of the Uber applications. Each driver’s website sends the RSVP only to themself.

If you aren’t able to honour the request, but you are aware of another driver on this website which may be able to do so, please forward the request to [email protected] and I will try to get another driver to take it.

The method of picking up the passenger will require you to inform the rider NOT to request the Uber until they are at your car, so another driver doesn’t get it by accident.

RSVP’s should not be accepted for large events where there is likely multiple riders requesting a ride in a small area. Nor should they be accepted in cases where there will be likely surge (i.e. New Year’s evening)

If you do accept a ride, try the following best practices:

        1) Put the event in your calendar so you don’t forget
        2) Use Waze Scheduled Rides to advise you when you need to leave to the pickup point
        3) Use Waze Share feature to share your ride when you are en-route to the customer
        4) Because many RSVP’s are forgotten by riders, send a text 1 hour before the ride confirming they still need it.
        5) Send a link to this page to your user when confirming the ride so the Rider knows what they need to do

Feel free to add in the comments or other ideas to improve this process. This is OUR website and we ALL need to help improve it..

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