Tip – Already included?

It’s a common misconception that “Tips are Included” in Uber fare.  A tip has never been included in UberX/UberSelect fares.

Uber’s dug themselves a huge hole with drivers (and some passengers) over the whole tipping situation.  In case you’re not familiar with the history, Uber initially launched with higher rates (so drivers were making more and didn’t rely on tips) and implied to riders that tip was included in their fare (it never was).  Uber even made new passengers select a tip percentage when they first signed up, but this only applied to UberTAXI service (which is in very few markets these days).  Many passengers are now under the false impression that tip is included in their fare and/or drivers aren’t allowed to accept tips.

Uber currently markets as “Tipping is not required”. This is misleading as Tipping your Waiter is also “not required”.  Wearing clean underpants is also not required, but most people wear them.

Uber’s goal is to keep the transaction smooth with no further effort by the Passenger when the ride is complete. The app often has more riders lined up even before a trip is completed.  Uber doesn’t want to slow the process for the driver to go get the next passenger.

Most riders tip Taxi drivers, so please also consider tipping your Uber driver whose fare is typically 30% less than a Taxi.

Uber has a spot in the profile for tipping Taxis obtained via Uber as a default tip (service only available in New York), but this doesn’t apply to anywhere else..  Once again misleading.

In Calgary the Uber Rates are 30% down from last year’s rates, which was already 30% lower than taxis. This doesn’t leave much room for profit, so your Uber rider does appreciate all tips.  On average 70% of riders in Calgary do tip, especially after learning that Uber has mislead it’s riders in the past.

A tip/gratuity should never be “included” or automatically charged.  It is supposed to be an incentive/reward for good service and be a choice AFTER the service is done, and only if it was deserved.

If you can’t afford a tip, but you received exceptional service please leave your driver a full five stars. Many passengers don’t know this, but drivers are deactivated if their average rating falls below 4.6 stars. Think carefully before giving a driver less than five stars – four stars and below is essentially saying that the driver should be fired! Assuming that nothing went terribly wrong with the ride, you can help the driver out immensely by giving them the full five stars.

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